Jasmine qualified with a Masters degree from the University College of Osteopathy and not only was she awarded a distinction ? but also her final year research project is currently being developed for publication submission ?.


She has experience of treating patients of all backgrounds and during her studies developed special interests in women’s health, antenatal care and older adults. This was supported by volunteering at the university’s Expectant Mother’s Clinic ????, and community clinics at the Royal Free Hospital, The 301 East Street (GP) Surgery, and more locally the community lead St Albans Rugby Club. ?


Using contemporary evidence to inform her practice, Jasmine is a considerate and thoughtful practitioner who works collaboratively with patients to understand their needs and goals. Developing tailored treatment and management plans using a variety of techniques. Confidently applying manual therapy, spinal and joint articulations to relieve pain, in addition to sports massage, kinesiology taping and exercise advice that empower patients in their rehabilitation and helps mitigate recurrence.

Jasmine is also qualified with a sports massage therapy diploma, and has experience treating patients with soft tissue aches and pains.


You can currently find @jazz.osteo in clinic every Monday and Friday!