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Using a synergistic method of Reiki and NLP, Trish Webb of Health and Healing Flow UK is helping more people to access their inner abilities and strengths. Discover how to create your own blueprint to a healthier more balanced life of emotional wellbeing and self healing.


Reiki: connect with your natural healing abilities with the energy healing system of Reiki. Create calm, build inner strength and learn how to instantly create a sense of balance in any situation.

As the body and mind experience deep relaxation, decision making is easier, pain and stress are greatly relieved and a sense of balance in mind and body is quickly restored, using this time honoured healing method.


Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP.

The human brain is overwhelmed with thousands of unconscious thought patterns every moment.  NLP techniques quickly enable anyone to stop negative habits and thoughts of the past that often undermine personal confidence. When you learn these empowering techniques, you will access the ability to turn your life around.


With long term and personal experience of the effectiveness of both NLP and Reiki, Trish Webb now mentors others in these empowering methods of treatment.

Training with world renowned Master of NLP, Ian McDermott and Reiki Master Teacher and mentor Robert Torry, Health and Healing Flow UK offer positive ways to deal with the present challenges in daily life.

As a qualified teacher of adults. (FAETC) and a long standing member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists, she is well equipped to offer practical solutions for every client.


Nutrition and Weight Consultancy.


Working to a client’s personal agenda, Health and Healing Flow UK offer focused strategies to ensure a reliable pathway to maintaining a strong immune system. This is a bespoke programme of action for nutritional health, including the use of nutritional supplements,  simple easy to follow recipes using organic ingredients and quick and easy exercise methods.



£650.00. For a bespoke course of 6 one hour sessions.



Combinations Session of Reiki and NLP. £139.40. One and a half hours, including a written review of exercises and techniques delivered to your inbox. Your bespoke toolbox.





Book a pre paid course of 6 sessions and receive one  session FREE.


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